Monday, June 06, 2005

Why The Secrecy ?

Najeeb Hanoudi, the oldest Iraqi blogger, posted a very sad incident:

My son Nazar who is 37 years old has been working with an American military unit in Baghdad as a contractor since the end of the war and was always very friendly and much loved by this group. On the morning of the 29th of March, 2004, he was shot by an American soldier. The facts about the incidence and the circumstances under which it happened have never been explained to us by anybody, he was operated at the site and on the same evening was transferred to the American military hospital in the green zone [31st CSH] where he had many operations and many complications during his stay there including one major catastrophe in a leading Iraqi hospital in the capital to which he was sent from the American one for a dialysis which was a complete failure and resulted in a very severe brain damage contributing terribly to his now very serious condition. He was discharged from the American hospital after about five weeks still in an extremely serious condition when we had to take him because of our terrible experience with the local government hospital to a private clinic, he is in a fairly advanced vegetative state,


His son was shot by an American soldier and the Army hasn't explained to the family why he was shot. The son worked WITH the American military unit. It means they know him very well.

Was the soldier, who shot him, new at the camp? Was he having a bad day? Was it dark? Will the soldier and his superiors come up with the most popular excuse and say the son looked suspicious? I don't know.

Najeeb is very upset with what happened to his son. Currently, life is difficult in Iraq. This incident added icing onto the cake.

The Army can't turn back time and correct this mistake. But, it can be open with the family. It can tell the family exactly what happened and help the family with the medical expenses. Don't let the family keep wondering what happened. They deserve an explanation.

UPDATE 06/06/2005
I received the following e-mail from Dr. Hanoudi:

Thank you very much for your kindness and compassion. Also please thank on my behalf all those nice men and women for their support. I wanted to send them all a personal thank you messages but we had a very serious crisis with the boy last night and I am extremely short of time.

Thank you all for your supporting comments. They definitely helped.

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