Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mr. Cuban Cigar, The Flip-Flopper

Tariq Azziz has been in the news a lot lately. The former champion of Saddam Hussein is singing like a canary these days. Newsweek reported:

Footnotes in Senate documents show that Aziz, the urbane English speaker who was Saddam's principal mouthpiece to the outside world, confirmed key details of Saddam's alleged corruption. David Kay, former head of the postwar U.S. team hunting Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, told NEWSWEEK that Aziz and other Saddam aides were eager to discuss corruption in the former regime, and particularly Saddam's efforts to buy off friendly foreigners. By contrast, when it came to talking about Saddam's WMDs, Kay says, the captives would say almost nothing—which Kay now acknowledges may be because there were no WMDs to talk about. Kay says that Aziz "sang like a canary" about Saddam's effort to use oil deals to buy friendship among French, Russian and U.K. politicos. Kay says that Aziz once told him that if the U.S. government released him from prison, he would tour the United States, telling journalists and the public about the evil deeds of the former Iraqi regime, about Saddam's corruption and about the former dictator's "demented" mental state....


Wow flip-flopper, it wasn't that long ago when he said the following in an interview with ITV News before Operation Iraqi Freedom:

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, President Saddam Hussein's right hand man has said that Iraqis will fight to the last bullet should the Americans launch an attack on their country.

Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz seemed resigned to the possibility of another Gulf War, but he told Trevor McDonald he won't go into exile and he will never allow himself to be taken prisoner.
Trevor McDonald then asked Tariq Aziz what he would do if is a war after which the Iraqi leadership is tried as war criminals?

Mr Aziz gave an defiant answer: "If they take us as prisoner of war -alive - they will do that, but they will not. We will fight to the last bullet.

Read more... -- Thanks Ahmed for the link.

Many people think Iraqi Christians were protected because Mr. Cuban Cigar was in power. As I've said before, Iraqi Christians were protected by their good behavior as much as protective priests and bishops. So, don't be under a false illusion when it comes to this issue.

Tariq was always about himself. Well, maybe about his immediate family too. Here's an example. My co-worker and friend in Iraq was the first cousin of the guy who married Tariq's daughter. That didn't come easy for her cousin. He was very rich though. But, he didn't appeal to Tariq at the beginning. The guy's marriage proposal was rejected a few times for no specific reason. One day after the guy almost lost hope in marrying Tariq's daughter, he received an unexpected phone call from Tariq telling him he accepted his proposal to marry his daughter.

Now, you'd ask what made flip-flopper change his mind. My friend found out afterward that Sajda, Saddam's first wife, wanted the daughter for her young playboy brother. That's when Tariq changed his mind and decided, "hey there's this Christian guy who wants to marry her. Get him on the phone."

This happened after the first Gulf war when Iraqis were eating black bread. He had a lavish engagement and wedding for his daughter. You may want to know where he shopped for his daughter's wedding dress. New York. Yes, New York. During one of his trips to the United Nations, he shopped until he dropped for his daughter's wedding necessities. He paid thousands of dollars during the trip for the dress alone. Where did the money come from? You guess.

Iraqi-Kurd Blogger, Vahal Abdulrahman, has more tales about Mr. Cuban Cigar. It gives you more details about his two, three, four faces. He's actually a man without a face.

And last, click on this post from Ahmed for a good laugh.

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