Thursday, June 23, 2005

Iraqi Women Stories

With all the difficulties facing Iraq these days, there are Iraqi women who are trying to make a difference. So, before I head to Dallas for a short break, I thought I'd post their stories to enlighten your weekend. I'll still have access to the Internet during my short break.

Two months ago, Boots In Baghdad posted the story of a very courageous Iraqi woman. She is fighting terrorism in a very effective way. Read her story here. She's one of a kind.

Iraqi Dewan Media Network reported the successful story [Arabic Source] of a company in Nassyria owned by Iraqi women. The company won a contract to built a police station in Nassyria last March. They not only completed the project. They actually finished the project ahead of the deadline:

Nasiriyah, Iraq - When Madame K read William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet,” this couplet moved her so much that she decided to name her fledging construction business Star of the Morning. On June 15, that company completed the first of its two police station construction projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region South (GRS) one week ahead of schedule.

Five women make up the small business that has been so successful to date, according to Rick Mers, project engineer for the Tallil Area Office, GRS. “They submitted their bid like everyone else and there was no special treatment accorded to them except the preference given to women-owned businesses,” he said. “Fifty-one percent of the company has to be female in order to get the preference.”

The contract was awarded on March 18 and the preconstruction meeting was held March 26, according to Mers. What he liked about the company from the offset was their eagerness to move forward quickly. “They started construction on March 28,” he said. “They mobilized in three days. They finished the project early and the quality of the work was excellent. I wrote that on the closing and I rarely do that. I was just so impressed with the work.”

Read more... [English Source]

Yep, Iraqi women are very impressive. They're probably the toughest women on this planet.

Other Iraqi women are making their voice heard in a different way:

BAGHDAD: A radio station focusing on women's issues has hit the airwaves in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. Topics that are under discussion include the importance of women's rights and the new Iraqi constitution, the forthcoming general election, childhood needs as well as family problems.

"The radio station is a voice for the Iraqi woman in the country, a voice to speak about her rights, her issues, her ambitions, her problems without hesitation," manager of the radio station, Majed Rahak, said.

Known as radio Al-Mahaba, meaning love in Arabic, the station is supported by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) program.
This project aims to encourage, strengthen and support Iraqi women at all levels to know their rights, to enjoy equality and dignity and to define their future effectively by understanding international laws," a UNIFEM representative in Iraq, Besma al-Kateab, said.


Guys, you too need to listen to this radio station to learn more about women.

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