Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Really Missed Blogging

I didn't know how much I love blogging until this week when I couldn't find the time to blog. I guess I'm addicted to blogging.

While I was away, Saddam was questioned by an Iraqi judge about his early crimes during the 80s. Saddam wants his trial to be moved to California to get a fair trial. Just joking as I really wonder what logic Californian jurors use when they deliver a verdict. Still, you need to read this humorous post by Saddam, the cyber blogger.

Australian hostage Douglas Wood was freed by Iraqi and U.S. troops. Was any ransom paid? I don't know.

French hostage Florence Aubenas was freed this week too. I liked this part of an interview after her release:

...She also described a series of surreal conversations with the head hostage-taker, a man called, in English, "ze boss" or, in Arabic, "Hadji". There was never any mention of money or a ransom, she said. Nonetheless, "ze boss" seemed anxious to contact the French government but did not know how. "He asked me 'Have you got Chirac's e-mail?' and then, 'Is there an opposition party in France? Have they got an internet site?'"

When she proved unable to answer these or other questions, he said: "You are a useless hostage. You don't understand anything."


The terrorists are going tech, aren't they? I wonder if they prefer to use hotmail or yahoo. From reading the report, I can tell Florence has a high sense of humor. Was a ransom paid to free her? Most likely.

While browsing the news this morning, I found this report by an American aid worker who works in Kurdistan. She wrote about a three-day workshop in Mangesh focusing on the Iraqi constitution and elections:

...was excited about the workshop. The 40-strong group is a good mix of Christians and Muslims, most of whom have never had an opportunity to express their own ideas on the new government.

The people in Mangesh are also very proud of how well Muslims and Christians get along together in their community


Yee-haaaaaaaw, my family will be happy to read this report. Even though I was born in Basra and Basrawi blood runs in my veins, my parents are originally from the tiny town of Mangesh. We still have relatives living in Mangesh and Dohuk. So, it's fun to know about this workshop.

Here's an old picture of Mangesh ( مانكيش ):

Click here from more photos.

Enough for now as I sound like a kid who has eaten a lot of chocolate.

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