Thursday, June 09, 2005

I Hope This Is True

I read this piece of news with skepticism:

A top-level European Union delegation arrived in Baghdad on Thursday, expressing hope for the EU's new partnership with Iraq now that divisions over the US-led invasion of more than two years ago were healed.

"In Europe the war divided us, but now we are unified to help Iraq," said Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, whose country currently holds the rotating EU presidency, following talks with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

"Yes, the Iraq war did divide Europe but there is a new spirit and we have put the past behind us to work for this new future of Iraq," said British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, whose country is due to take over the presidency in July.


During the last two years, Iraqi people were almost left alone because many people and nations did not support the war in Iraq.

Europeans went through two world wars during the last century. They were ruled by dictators not that long ago. I always thought they would be the ones who understand Iraq the most. Maybe, I was wrong. But, that's OK as long as their governments are willing to put their differences aside and help Iraq.

UPDATE 06/14/2005
Sorry for not being able to post lately. I've been away from my computer for the last few days. BUT, I couldn't resist adding this update to this post:

France's new foreign minister pledged in comments published on Monday to press on with recent efforts to improve relations with the United States after the chill caused by the Iraq war.
"I will go to the United States soon to voice the friendship that unites our two people and to discuss all the things we are doing and can do together," Douste-Blazy told Le Figaro. He gave no date for the visit.

"I want to pursue the constructive work of my predecessors and to maintain regular dialogue which does not rule out frankness."

Echoing language used by Barnier when he was foreign minister, he said good cooperation with the United States did not mean Washington and Paris had to agree on everything.


It's OK. We all know France wants to make sure Americans still prefer to wear French perfumes and drink French wine.

I still wear French perfumes and I will continue to drink Australian wine.

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