Saturday, June 04, 2005

Al-Sadr On The E.U. And Iraq

I rarely mention Al-Sadr on my blog. To me, he needed to be in prison a long time ago. But, I read the following in the Daily Star and couldn't resist publishing it:

Radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called on Iraqis to emulate the European Union and reject federalism, which he said would divide the country. Speaking on behalf of Sadr, Sheikh Salah al-Ubaidi told Muslim faithful in Kufa, south of Baghdad, that in Europe: "You can find a unified constitution under way, a unified currency and a united continental market despite the fact that they are different nations."


Maybe someone needs to tell Al-Sadr how France and the Netherlands rejected the E.U. constitution. Now, Italy is wants to abandon the euro:

An Italian minister was quoted on Friday as suggesting the country should consider adopting its own currency again, adding fuel to recent talk of a possible break-up of the euro zone which EU leaders dismiss as "absurd".

Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni told the Repubblica daily Italy should hold a referendum on whether to revert to the lira currency it abandoned when 12 nations started to use euro notes and coins in 2002.


Why is he so afraid of federalism? And, when did he become concerned over Iraqi unity?

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