Wednesday, May 11, 2005

To Lose a Loved One

I see it our last conversation
It really was nothing but I hear every word
And somewhere within the hello and goodbye
I love you was spoken in between the lines
I say it out loud now that I can't hold you
And winter grows longer and winter grows colder.

I can't be lost without you when this is my home
And I know it as well as I ever will
But it's different here now, somehow it seems older
And winter grows harder and winter grows colder.

Now there's only missing you so I do it well
And if I never told you, now I can tell
Like a Polaroid I see your face in my mind
In the last place you smiled and the first place I cried
I say it out loud now that I can't hold you
And winter grows longer and winter grows colder.

-- Jodie Young, Thredbo Resident

Today, scores of Iraqi women and men lost loved ones to the terrorists. Are we cursed? Are we unlucky? Why do the terrorists hate the Iraqis this much? I don't know and I'm tired.

To the nations who paid/will pay a ransom to the terrorists, please know you're making Iraq a bigger hell. Is the life of your anti-war journalists or highly paid contractors more important than the life of ordinary Iraqis who only want to make a decent living? Sometimes, it seems that way.

UPDATE 05/12/2005
Kevin, Boots on The Ground blogger, wrote about the attacks:

Yesterday a car bomb went off in our area. The target was one of the Bradley's patrolling around the area. Unfortunately, this was an indiscriminate attack. 4 innocent bystanders were hurt and another guy was practically vaporized. Somehow Al-Jazeera was in the area before it happened. I wonder how that could have happened? F**king terrorists are giving tips to these a**holes, so they can be on the spot when it happens.


It seems like Al-Jazeera reporters developed an extraordinary six sense while working in Iraq.

UPDATE 05/13/2005
Below are two articles that may answer a few of the questions discussed in the comments section.

Ahmed, Iraqi Expat, wrote a must read post titled "Are We Patriotic?"

Andrew Bolt wrote in the Herald Sun (Via Tim Blair):

THE kidnappers threatening to kill Douglas Wood have set us a terrible test.

If we dare ourselves any grim consolation, it is that we are passing it.

These terrorists misunderstand Australians completely, and by their threats have made us more resolute, not less. Well, most of us, anyway. But more on the despicable Greens later.
See -- and mourn -- how Italy reacted to the kidnapping in February of journalist Giuliana Sgrena.
Did Italians stand firm against such blackmail? Did they resolve -- whatever their differences over the war -- never to let terrorists dictate to them?
CABINET minister Rocco Buttiglione even conceded "it is possible that humanitarian aid was given to Sunni religious groups" close to the kidnappers.

Humanitarian? We can only guess how many Iraqis have been killed by bombs bought with that ransom. Were the 46 Kurds blown apart this week in Arbil murdered with Italian cash?


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