Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The New Iraqi Government

I feel bad for not blogging regularly. I dedicated some time to discover Beaumont and its surroundings. Now, I'm back to blogging as usual.

To start, here's the new Iraqi government:

  1. Ibrahim Al-Oshaiqar Al-Jaafary, Prime Minister.

  2. Dr.Rose Norry Shawes, Deputy Prime Minister.

  3. Dr.Ahmad Al-Chalabi, Deputy Prime Minister

  4. Abd Motlak Al-Jibouri, Vice-Prime Minister.

  5. Sa'adoon Al-Dolaimi, Defense Minister.

  6. Bayan Solagh Jabar, Minister of The Interior.

  7. Hoshiar Zibarry, Foreign Minister.

  8. Dr. Ali AbdAl-Ameer Alawi, Finance minister.

  9. Dr. Ibraheem Bahar Al-Oloom, Minister Of Oil.

  10. Mohsin Shlash, Minister of Electric.

  11. Jasim Mohammad Jafaar, Minister of Housing And Rebuilding.

  12. Abd Al-Falah Hassan As-Sodany, Minister of Education.

  13. Sami Al-Modahfar, Minister of Higher Education.

  14. Dr. Abd Al-Motalab Mohammad Ali, Minister of Health.

  15. Barham Salih, Minister of Planning and Re-Establishment Cooperation.

  16. Dr.Jawan Foad Maasoom, Minister Of Communications.

  17. Abd Al-Basat Kareem Mawlood, Trade Minister.

  18. Osama Abd Al-Aziz Al-Gagaify, Minister of Industry and minerals.

  19. Ali Al-Bahadely, Minister of Agriculture.

  20. Abd Al-Hussein Shandal, Minister of Injustice.

  21. Idrees Hady, Minister Of Work and Social Affairs.

  22. Lateef Rasheed, Minister Of Water Resources.

  23. Salam Al-Maliky, Minister of Transport.

  24. Noori Farhan Al-Rawi, Minister of Culture.

  25. Basima Yousif Botross, Minister of Science and Technology.

  26. Sohaila Abd Jaafar, Minister of Emigration.

  27. Talib Azeez Zainy, Minister of Youth and Sport.

  28. Dr. Narmeen Othman, Minister of Environment.

  29. Hashim Al-Shibly, Minister of Human Rights.

  30. Nisreen Barwary, Minister of Municipal and affairs.

  31. Abd Al-Kareem Al-Anzy, State Minister of National Security Affairs.

  32. Saad Nayf Al-Hardan, State Minister of Provinces Affairs.

  33. Alaa Habeeb Kahdim, State Minister of Civilian Society Affairs.

  34. Dr.Azhar Abd Al-Kareem Al-Shikhly, State Minister of Women Affairs.

  35. Hashim Al-Hashimy, State Minister of Tourism and Arch Affairs.

  36. Safaa Ad-Din Mohammad As-Safi, State Minister of National Assembly.

[Source: Al-Sabah]
[Translation: Christian Iraq]

Basima Yousif Botross, Minister of Science and Technology, is the only Iraqi Christian in the new government. I didn't think we'd hold more ministries knowing that government positions are assigned using ethnic groups' proportional system. That's NOT right or fair for many qualified Iraqis.

The biggest surprise -- at least for me -- was assigning the position of Deputy Prime Minister to Ahmed Al-Chalabi. It makes me wonder what he has in his bag against the others to be granted this position. Even President Jalal Talabani is trying to cut a deal with Jordan to sort out Al-Petra Bank case against Al-Chalabi. Both sides agreed Al-Chalabi can pay back the Jordanian government some of the allegedly stolen money. In return, the Jordanian government would drop the case against Al-Chalabi [Source: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat].

If he is innocent - as he claims - why doesn't he fight this case in court to prove his innocence?


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