Friday, May 13, 2005

Moving To a Lighter Subject

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First, a reminder that March Against Terror is this Saturday. German blogger, David Medienkritik, will photo-blog LIVE from the March in Washington. Remember to check his blog on Saturday.

Now, I have a question to my Iraqi readers and anyone with a good knowledge of insects.

Jeff, a friend of Desert Island Boy sent him this picture from Iraq. I couldn't identify this Iraqi insect with a helmet. The best I can think of is a cockroach. But, it looks different than the popular Iraqi cockroaches -- I hate cockroaches.

© Jeffery

Does anyone know the name of this mysterious insect?

UPDATE 05/13/2005 9:30PM
Mystery solved by Omar:

This insect is called "Karoob" in Iraq because it's fond of digging superficial tunnels and it lives usually in the gardens where the soil is a bit moist.

Thank you Omar.

UPDATE 05/14/2005
Alan Kennedy brought my attention to another insect found in Iraq's desert.

It's a Camel Spider. The good news, it's not poisonous.

For more details about the photograph and to separate fact from fiction, check the following links:

Photograph shows camel spiders found in Iraq.
Camel Spiders Found in Iraq.

Alan, happy birthday to your blog.

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