Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Join The March Against Terror

UPDATE 05/04/2005 6:34PM
Dilnareen wrote strongest post of the day in response to today's terrorist acts in Arbil.

One more reason to join the march against terror. Make your voice heard if live in the D.C. area.

ORIGINAL POST 05/04/2005
You probably read this on Ahmed's blog. I'm publishing it here too so we can spread the message of Free Muslims Against Terrorism:

May 14, 2005

By Kamal Nawash

Free Muslims Coalition

The Free Muslims Against Terrorism are proud to announce that on May 14th 2005, Muslims and Middle Easterners of all backgrounds will converge on our nation’s Capital for a rally against terrorism and to support freedom and democracy in the Middle East and the Muslim world. This will be the first rally of its kind in Washington DC that is led by Muslims and Middle Easterners.

Join us in sending a message to radical Muslims and supporters of terrorism that we reject them and that we will do all we can to defeat them.

We also want to send a message of hope to the people of the Muslim world and the Middle East who seek freedom, democracy and who reject radical Islam that we are with them and that we will do all we can to support them.

This rally is NOT limited to Muslims and Middle Easterners. We request anyone and everyone who supports our message to join us at the rally. We want to send a message to the extremists and terrorists that American Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of all faiths are united against terrorism and extremism.

We welcome all endorsers and we ask that you circulate and publish this message to as many groups and people as possible. Help us make history.

To sponsor this rally, please send the name of your group to the Free Muslims Against Terrorism.

Location of the rally:

Freedom Plaza
Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: Pennsylvania Ave. between 13th & 14th Street, NW
Metro: Federal Triangle
Date & Time: Saturday, May 14th 2005 1-5 pm

Free Muslims Against Terrorism

Could CNN pay attention to this function instead of reporting the runaway bride's news conference as a breaking news? No, I'm not joking. That's what they reported as a "breaking news" this morning.

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