Monday, May 09, 2005

Help Needed For Iraqi Students

Iraqi blogger, A Free Writer asks for your help:

Internet is a new undiscovered tool for majority in Iraq. During a lecture in a high school last week , many distinguished smart students in this high school asked me to help them in getting required training during the three months of summer vacation about how to use the internet...They want to learn every thing about internet before attending the university next year.

Those students should attend special courses in a private computer learning centers, and they also need internet café reservations few hours every day all summer time.
Because they cannot pay the required fees, they asked for my advice in helping them in solving money problem.

I promised them that I will do my best for helping them in getting this knowledge as easy as possible. So, I am inviting all my loyal readers to offer any amount of money donations for them by using the Donation Button on this blog.


A Free Writer is the most passionate Iraqi blogger when it comes to the future of Iraqi children.

You can donate to Free Writer's project using his PayPal donation button. Please, don't donate via my blog. I only handle Fr. Yousif's donations. Thank you.

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