Thursday, May 26, 2005

First A Cow, Then A Dog

It looks like the terrorists are having recruitment problems. Last week, they recruited a cow to carry out their dirty work. The cow was arrested by the IP before it completed its homicidal operation. Lucky cow, she was placed in the Cattle Protection Program. She's happy in her new place.

Today, it was an unlucky dog that exploded in Kirkuk:

Kirkuk - Iraq insurgents attached explosives to a dog on Thursday in a bid to bomb a military convoy near the northern oil centre of Kirkuk, but the animal was the only casualty, said police.

Colonel Mohammed Barzaji said the insurgents wrapped an explosive belt around the dog's body and detonated it as the convoy passed through Dakuk, 40km south of Kirkuk.

Barzaji said: "The dog was torn apart by the explosion, which caused neither injury among the soldiers nor any damage", adding that the bomb had been detonated outside a Shiite mosque.


Could someone inform PETA of these brutal acts against animals. Where are they when you need them?

I dare the terrorists to recruit a cat. That's when we need a video camera to tape the training session. It will be fun to watch.

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