Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fighting Terrorism The Iraqi Way

After last week's brutal terrorist attacks against the Iraqi people and the surprise visit by Condi to Iraq, the Iraqi government decided to take one step forward to fight terrorism:

BAGHDAD - The Iraqi government said Tuesday it will soon introduce new measures to fight the insurgency, allowing for the confiscation of property of people accused of abetting the rebels.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari's spokesman Leith Kubba told reporters that the measures to be implemented "soon" would "hold accountable anyone who doesn't inform authorities about threats to national security".


I'm all for this new law as long as the government doesn't end up arresting a whole neighborhood where a terrorist lived before he decided to blow up himself and innocent people.

I always said Iraqi people are the "only" ones who can find the terrorists living among them. Unfortunately, family and tribal ties continue to keep many criminals on the streets. This has to change for the sake of the victims. I'm sad the government has to use punishment to force people to report those thugs to the authorities.

I hope the government doesn't turn the new law into a nightmare for many ordinary Iraqis - those who don't know anything about the terrorists. Still, I want to see people with ties to those wild animals paying for protecting the lives of killers. They should've turned in the terrorists voluntarily.

In another development, some Iraqis decided to punish the people who cooperate with terrorists. Christian Iraq reported:

Furious Iraqis have torched a barber's shop belonging to a Palestinian who is alleged to have participated in the latest bombing of Baghdad al-Jadeeda. Eyewitnesses said large numbers of people, possibly including relatives of the victims, attacked the shop in the centre of Baghdad al-Jadeeda and set fire to it. Since the explosion, local people have been placing candles and flowers on the graves of those killed.

I'm sure many people will say, "this is wrong." There are many things wrong happening these days. The worst are the people who decided to make their daily bread from killing Iraqi men and women. So, don't expect Iraqis to just watch and wait for those criminals to change their minds and become good citizens.

But, not everything in Iraq is about terrorism. There are happy stories coming from Baghdad. Raghda, Queen of Cats, announced that her cat, Bushbush, has three kittens: Fluffy, Deksy and Duky. Fluffy is the cutest. Make sure to stop by her adorable blog and give her some tips on raising cats.

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