Friday, May 20, 2005

AusAID Iraq Research Fellowships

There is some good news from Australia for Iraqi agricultural postgraduate students and graduates. The Australian Department of Science, Education and training will award up to five short-term agriculture research fellowships to Iraqis through the 2006 Endeavour AusAID Research Iraq Fellowships:

The Endeavour AusAID Iraq Research Fellowships provide financial support for postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows to undertake short-term research in Australia in the field of agriculture. The research project must be taken in one block, it cannot be broken into two or more visits to Australia. Award holders are expected to return home at the conclusion of their award.

Read full details...

Please, let other Iraqis know about this good opportunity.

In other news, Stanford University is hosting five students from different Iraqi universities for 10 days. The Stanford Daily reported:

Five Iraqi university students will arrive on campus late today to participate in a 10-day event spearheaded by the Stanford-Iraq Student Exchange, or SISE. This student group, formed with the help of faculty sponsor Coit Blacker, director of the Stanford Institute for International Studies, was created to develop what it calls an exchange between Iraqi and American college attendees.

SISE selected the Iraqi students ( three women and two men ) from an initial pool of 100 applicants. They hail from different regions of Iraq and represent various ethnic and religious backgrounds. Even their academic interests are diverse; English, political science and engineering are among the subjects they plan to pursue.


I hope more Iraqi students get the chance to travel and meet students of other countries. It's always good to learn about other cultures.

You wouldn't believe it, but I'm cooking dinner at this time of the night. Yes, I'm a good Iraqi wife who takes care of her husband's belly.

Talking about food, I found the Arabic cousin site (Via Grow a Brain). It's really cool. Try one of their recipes. You won't regret it.

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