Sunday, April 03, 2005

Saleem Needs Your Support

I wanted to write about Iraqi politics today. But my priorities changed when I read Saleem's latest post:

Sorry for all this absence but I have an urgent situation in the last days. My cousin was killed by the terrorists in the city of AL-DOURA south of Baghdad without any known reason and I will get mad to know the reason of killing my cousin in his small supermarket near his house.

My cousin's age is 47 years old and he had five children. The younger one is less than one year. Now, this child will grow up as an orphan because the terrorists killed his father just for fun and to make a disturbance in the area.

My cousin is very honest man and faithful to his friends and relatives. When my father died he helped me and my family in every thing we needed...

What a miserable life we live, you don't know when you will die, I expect my death in every moment because of this bad and unsafe situation.


Please, visit Saleem's blog and leave him a nice comment. He needs our support these days.

I read about the murder on last week. At the time, I didn't know the victim was Saleem's cousin. It's a small world we live in these days.

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