Friday, April 29, 2005

President of The Mass Graves

Today, the terrorists showed their disapproval of the new Iraqi government by killing more Iraqis. These animals go wild each time there's a positive development in Iraq. Ba'athists remnants and foreign terrorists live on shedding more and more Iraqi blood. It's made worse because there are people who still consider them "resistance fighters". Resisting what? I have no idea. The terrorists' supporters probably supported Saddam's acts when he was in power and considered him a national hero.

For the people who still say Iraq was better under Saddam, look at picture below and tell Iraqis how could life be better under a leader who ordered the murder of defenseless women and children.

The picture was taken at the latest mass grave discovered in Iraq. The Washington Post reported:

BAGHDAD, April 29 -- U.S. investigators have exhumed the remains of 113 people -- all but five of them women, children or teenagers -- from a mass grave in southern Iraq estimated to hold the bodies of at least 1,500 victims of Saddam Hussein's campaign against the Kurdish minority, U.S. and Iraqi officials said this week.

The grave, holding the bodies of villagers still dressed in shreds of traditional Kurdish clothing, is expected to be among the evidence used against the deposed Iraqi president by prosecutors at a special tribunal, investigators said.

"These were not combatants," said Gregg Nivala, a member of a U.S. team investigating crimes committed by Hussein's government and assisting the tribunal. "These were women and children."


Nobody has the right to tell Iraqis what's better for them. Iraqis know it well. They showed it on the election day. Iraqis may not have the perfect government right now. They may not have the perfect living conditions for another five years. But, don't ever tell them their life was better under Saddam.

And last, I'd like to welcome the newest Iraqi blogger, Akbar, to the Iraqi blogsphere. Please, give him a warm welcome.

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