Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The New Iraqi President

Congratulations to the Iraqi people. Jalal Talabani has become the first Kurdish president in Iraq's history (unless I missed some history lessons during school). I predicted Talabani to become the president since after the parliamentary elections. I actually wanted him to be the president.

Ibrahim Ja'afari will most likely win the prime minister post. Many people are afraid he may turn Iraq to a very conservative country. I honestly don't have those fears to an alarming level. We know the National Assembly has enough secular, Kurds and Christian members who would veto any laws that may turn Iraq into another Iran.

The speaker of the National Assembly, Hajim al-Hassani, is a new name for me. I must discover more about him with time.

We also have a new Iraqi blogger. Zan is a 27-year-old student. He lives in Atlanta. He earned a B.A degree in Biological Sciences from Hunter College in New York City. He will finish his master degree in epidemiology this semester. And yes, he still finds time to blog and debate. :-) Actually, he has more than one blog. Each has a different flavor. Click on his blogger profile and scroll down to get a list of his five different blogs.

And, The Committee to Protect Bloggers has been nominated by Reporters Without Borders for a Freedom of Expression award. Click here to vote.

Enough for now.

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