Sunday, April 24, 2005

I Spotted An alligator

Today, we visited The Rookery at Smith Oaks Bird Sanctuary in High Island, Texas. Almost every visitor was there to see the BIG birds. For me, I had a mission. I wanted to see an alligator.

At first, it seemed like those monsters took the day off. Then, I saw two eyes popping out of the swamp water about 10 feet from where we stood. In a very quiet voice I told my dear husband, "That's an alligator."

© Mark M. Hancock

Trust me, you don't want to scream when you see them. You just want those monsters to stay away from you. I really enjoyed this small adventure.

My fellow Iraqis are spotting then reporting different monsters (i.e. terrorists) by calling a hotline:

A crowded market, a suicide bomber with hands chained to the steering wheel, and, suddenly, in a blare of sirens, police bar his way - a new television ad tells Iraqis how they can fight the insurgency.

The ad urges viewers to help police catch "terrorists before they kill innocent people" by phoning a hotline to report anything suspicious.

In a country where deadly car bombs provide daily reminders of insurgent attempts to destabilize the new government, the ad has struck a chord with both insurgents and people on the street, said Hussein al-Tajer, advertising manager for Al-Iraqiya state television

Since the ad was first broadcast a week ago, insurgents have made anonymous phone calls and sent e-mails threatening station workers, calling them "infidels" and "collaborators", Tajer said.

But others have sent e-mails thanking the network, originally set up by the Americans after the invasion two years ago.

"We have received many threats saying we are agents for the Americans," Tajer said. "But nothing will improve this country unless we work against the terrorists."


When I started this blog, I remember saying nobody other than the Iraqis can put an end to those terrorists by reporting their activities to the police. The fact that many Iraqis are calling the hotline or text messaging the police means they are fed up with those human alligators, and they have more confidence in their police.

Trust comes slowly with Iraqis. I'm glad to see them sharing the responsibility with the police.

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