Saturday, April 02, 2005

Goodbye To Our Holy Father

UPDATE 04/07/05 12:22AM
There are people who criticize the Pope for opposing the war in Iraq. So, I thought I'd address this issue on my blog.

There are two sides to this matter:

  • The religious side:
    If you are a Christian, who fully understand the Bible, you should know the answer yourself. Jesus' message was about peace without using any form of violence. Read his teaching to the disciples. Read his Passion on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, and you'll know how much he opposed violence, war, revenge.

  • The Political side:
    When The Pope supported the Polish people during the cold war, he didn't ask the people to carry guns to topple their government. He gave them hope and told them not to be afraid.

    Let's not forget that more than 85 percent of Poland is Catholic. So, for the Pope to support a revolution in that country wasn't going to create an international crisis.

    Iraqi Catholics represent three percent of the Iraqi population. Iraq is a Muslim-dominated country in a Muslim-dominated region. As it is now, Bush and his allies are called "crusaders" by many Middle Easterners. As it is now, Iraqi Christians are called "infidels" and "traitors" because they share the same religion as Bush and his allies. Imagine if the Pope supported this war. I don't think anyone is naive enough not to get the big picture of this scenario. Not only would Iraqi Christians have suffered from this matter but every Christian in the Middle East would've been subjected to different kinds of harassment from their governments and fellow citizens.

    People who criticized the Pope for not supporting the war are probably the same people who doesn't support Al-Sistani because he's trying peacefully to keep Iraq in one piece.

    Iraqi Christians loved the Pope. Most of the Middle Easterners loved the Pope. This was the first Pope who entered a mosque, a synagogue and a Protestant church. This is the Pope who wanted to bring Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists closer. This is the Pope who pushed the Drop the Debt campaign to its highest limits. This is the Pope who has forgiven his attacker.

This was my Pope, and I'm proud of him.

ORIGINAL POST 01/04/05 2:05PM

I was privileged to live during your time. Middle Eastern Catholics will miss you so much. Youth around the world will miss you the most.

أن لم تكونوا كالأطفال فلن تدخلوا ملكوت السماوات

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