Friday, April 01, 2005

Catching Up With The News

We're back in Dallas after spending a few days apartment hunting in Beaumont. It went very well. I wished for an apartment near Barnes & Noble. I got my wish. We rented a condo within walking distance from the book shop. It took us 30 minutes to find the perfect place. We spent rest of our time exploring the city and its surroundings. I tried Cajun food and I LOVE it.

Now back to the current news. Terri Schiavo died yesterday morning. A few readers asked me to comment on this subject. I would say there's life after our earthly life. I hope her husband and her family set their differences aside and let her rest in peace. She needs to see it from above.

I've been following the Pope's news closely. If you're an old reader of this blog, you probably know the Pope is very close to my heart. The Vatican said Friday that The Pope's condition was very serious hours after he suffered heart failure. He also received the Sacrament of the Infirm. For the non-Catholic readers, who are confused with the meaning of the Sacrament, here's the explanation:

Italian media reported that the pope John Paul has received the Roman Catholic sacrament reserved for the sick and dying. The sacrament, which involves anointing the sick person with special oils, was once called last rites. It is now known as the Sacrament of the Infirm.

The sacrament is often misunderstood as signaling imminent death. But it is performed not only for patients at the point of death, but also for those who are very sick — and it may be repeated.


As for Iraqi news, the members of the Iraqi National Assembly don't seem to agree on a leader or other issues. So, there's no point of talking about this subject. It's been two months since the elections, and we still don't have a new government. It makes me wonder how long it'll take for them to write the new Iraqi constitution. Most Iraqis are frustrated, and it reflects in our sectarian arguments. Iraqis aren't sure anymore what each party wants or doesn't want. I wonder how high the simple Iraqi citizen is on their political agendas.

On my post about University of Basra protests, my friend in Basra mentioned the following:

BTW, there are CDs in the market now that the Sadr's party have distributed in an attempt to make his points understood. But, it only makes it worse.

A Basrawi has posted parts of the CD on the Internet with other interesting links. The Web site is written in Arabic. I'm busy with packing and moving. Otherwise, I would've translated the text to English. But, you really don't need the translation. Just click on each link and watch parts of what happened before, during and after the attack. The writer states the parts where the gang attacked the students were deleted from the film before it was distributed into the market. You'll see for yourself that there wasn't any wrong-doing from the students side. These were college kids having a one fine day. The site also published a still photo of one of the attackers with a gun pointed at the students.

I have more news to post. But, I'm really tired. We're moving in less than two weeks. Not to mention my computer has been acting weird since I came back from Beaumont. I think it doesn't like the idea of moving from Dallas.

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