Thursday, June 14, 2007

Saving Merna's Life

UPDATE I - Jun. 14, 2007
It's been more than two years since I published the original post. I asked people to help Merna, an Iraqi child who was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age.

I'm pleased to inform my long time readers that Merna is now cancer-free. Thank you for the international network of well-doers who were mobilized by the continuous efforts of Amer Frety from Sydney, Australia. When most of us lost hope, Amer continued his mission to help Merna. He's definitely a star thrower.

ORIGINAL POST - March 9, 2005

Merna is a 3-year-old Iraqi girl who was diagnosed with cancer. Her cancer is in its early stages. So, I hope her life can be saved with proper treatment.

Unfortunately, with the current health situation in Iraq she may lose her short life to cancer. The Iraqi community at is trying to save her by finding a hospital in Europe, Australia or the United States that is willing to treat her disease.

Amir Mansour Frety from Sydney, Australia is coordinating the efforts to rescue her life. I know Amir personally from the time I lived in Australia. I know he'll try everything to save Merna. I hope you join him in this effort too. If you know of any doctors, hospitals or charities that are willing to help, please let me know.

Click on the links below to read her medical reports:

Medical report 1.
Medical report 2.
Medical report 3.
Medical report 4.

Amir wrote a post in English to explain Merna's situation


This urgent message is a call to all people to save the life of a little girl called Merna. She is three years old and is the second child in her family which consists of her parents and another sister called Anita. They are currently living in Baghdad the capital city of Iraq.

Three months ago the family took Merna to the doctor who advised them that she has a cancer which is known as 'Lymphatic'.

The family was horrified and shocked when they heard that their innocent daughter has cancer. The parents and their relatives are facing extremely hard time in dealing with this situation due to lack of medicine and resources to provide Merna with the medicines and treatment which are urgently required to help this little angle survive. Being a strong and a good family, they are trying their best in dealing with this problem as they believe that there is hope of saving their young daughter's life.

Merna's parents, have taken initiatives upon themselves to do whatever they can to get all possible help to save Merna and they are seeking everyone help and support to get her to travel overseas for treatment.

I have been asked by her family friends to help them to get Merna's medical reports to Australia for an assessment of opinion about her situation. Since then I have made a promise to look after Merna and put my trust in God. Hopefully we will find a hospital or a charity organization to support and save Merna's life.

This is a call from Merna's family in the name of Humanity to take immediate action to explore all possible resources to save Merna's life as time is quickly running out.

Merna loves her sister Anita a lot and love her mum and dad too; she wants to stay with them. Anita needs her sister to grow up with her and she doesn't want to become lonely and live without Merna.

The family doesn't have the financial capabilities to get their daughter overseas for treatment. But they know that they are many kind and generous people still around that can support and help them to save their daughter's life.

We ask everyone reading this message to provide us with any ideas or help to get Merna to travel overseas for treatment. You can contact me to organism anything possible.

I have provided my contact details for any further information that you might find necessary in this case.

Attached are the latest reports on Merna's conditions.

God bless you all.

Amir Frety
Tel: 61 - 2 - 9728 2191
Sydney, Australia

Thank you in advance for your help.

And thank you to Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel for saving the life of Majed Ra'uf, a 26-year-old Iraqi, who suffered his entire life from a complex heart disorder.

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