Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Murder of an Iraqi Judge

The death toll from Hilla's car bombing has reached 127 at the time of writing this post. Yesterday, there were protests in Hilla led by the victims relatives. The protesters condemned the attack and attackers. They also complained about the lack of security and protection at recruiting centers. The relatives' anger is understandable. The question is how much protection anyone can provide when the terrorists keep changing their targeted cities regularly?

As if this wasn't enough for this week of death, here's more:

A judge and a lawyer working for the special tribunal that will put Saddam Hussein and members of his former regime on trial were shot dead in the Iraqi capital, officials and family members Wednesday.

The killings Tuesday in northern Baghdad's Azamyiah district were the first of any staff working on the Iraqi Special Tribunal, an official of the court told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

The two killed were judge Barwez Mohammed Mahmoud al-Merwani and his son, lawyer Aryan Barwez al-Merwani, the slain judge's son Kikawz Barwez Mohammed al-Merwani said.

The tribunal official confirmed the slayings, but said the judge was not assassinated.

"He was not killed because he was working at the tribunal," the court official said. "It was something personal. I don't have details, but investigations are still going on."


Something personal! I wonder what that is. Could it be he's part of the Iraqi Special Tribunal that may send Saddam and his gang to their eternal destiny.

Will I ever wake up one day with the weather being the most interesting news of the day? Talking about weather, one more month before the start of tornado season in Texas and Oklahoma. Floridians, I hope you're ready for the hurricane season.

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