Friday, March 04, 2005

Life Is Not Fair

Iraqi blogger Husayn has some bad news:

I am sure everyone has heard of the large bombing of many days ago, it was a very bad day, a very bad scene, blood flowed like water in a river, and over a hundred people died. Even more hundreds, perhaps thousands of others were somehow affected. I am among one of them. Throughout this entire time I have been lucky because my family has been generally safe from the affects of war and death and all that has stood over Iraq like a black cloud during the last two years. I can no longer count myself like this. The bombing claimed the life of my cousin, who was an innocent man who never did anything to hurt anyone, and who only wanted to live a good life, and to provide for his children. They are now orphaned, and without their father who strove to make them smile, and liked nothing more than to hear their laughter. The animals who do this do not care for my poor nephews and nieces, they...I don't know what they want, but I am now more resolved than ever to crush them somehow. I wish I could lay my hands on the master of all this terror, Zarqawi or Bin Laden or whichever dog it is who is behind this terrible campaign.


Husayn's nieces and nephews have become orphans because of some criminals, who are filled with hatred toward the Iraqi people.

Omar said it the best:

If you apply for a job then you're an "agent" and if you want to see democracy and freedom in your country then you're an "infidel" and if you say that resistance is terrorism then you're a "traitor". In all cases your blood is cheap and you have to die.

I don't know what Iraqis did to deserve this painful life. Maybe there's a lesson to learn from the long years of suffering.

I count on you to help Husayn. He has a PayPal donation button on his blog. I hope you can help him during these difficult times. Even a small donation will definitely help. Please, don't let him feel he's alone in this world.

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