Monday, March 14, 2005

Letter To Jordan's Embassador In D.C.

I sent the following letter to Karim Kawar, Jordan's Embassador in Washington, D.C. I sent a copy of the letter to President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

To: H.E. Ambassador Karim Kawar
CC: President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney

Dear Karim Kawar,

I'm a native of Iraq. I read with sadness and anger about the tribal celebration for Raed Mansur Al-Banna, the Jordanian murderer from Al-Salt, Jordan who caused the death of scores of Iraqi police recruits, including the cousin of Iraqi blogger, Husayn Uthman.

While we mourned with Husayn for the loss of his cousin and the orphanage of his kids, the Jordanians were celebrating the "martyr wedding" of the killer who caused the death of many innocent Iraqis. These Iraqis wanted to make a dignified living for their families with decent jobs.

Look at the photos of death and hopelessness. Look into the eyes of Iraqis and tell them how they could forgive your people for celebrating the death of our people. See these photos on The Washington Post.

We have already suffered from the ignorance of the Arabs like your celebrant Jordanians for more than 30 years when Saddam Hussein's brutal regime ruled Iraqis.

If your country is serious about helping the Iraqi people, then stop your bombers from entering Iraq. We don't need your "martyrdom" on Iraqi soil. The roadway to heaven is not paved with the bodies of Iraqi men, women and children. Stop the murder now.

Best regards,

Fayrouz Hancock
Dallas, Texas

The King and Queen of Jordan are visiting the United States today. I hope they have some explanation for the acts of their people toward the Iraqi people.

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