Saturday, March 05, 2005

Iraq's Elvis Is Still Alive


CNN has obtained new pictures believed to be of Al-Zarqawi, who is known to me as Iraq's Elvis.

Why do I call him Elvis? Because we keep hearing stories of how he was almost captured in X city or Y city. Then there's the story of him being captured and released because the Iraqi forces didn't know it was him. Looking at his new photos, anyone would've missed him too. He has changed a lot. It must be rough to live on the run.

I noticed he smiles in these photos. He sure knows how to act like a celebrity, who knows to smile for the camera even if his/her life is going to turn upside down in a few minutes.

Do I think the terrorists will stop killing Iraqis if we ever capture Iraq's Elvis? I wish I could say yes. Those people seem to multiply rapidly. I believe Al-Zarqawi is just an agent of a bigger organization that's financing his operations in Iraq.

If we can find out who is financing the terrorist operations in Iraq, then we may achieve security in Iraq. I won't point fingers at any parties. The stakes are very high in Iraq, and there is more than one party who is willing to take the risk to win the game in the long run.

The good news is Iraqis, including Sunnis, have realized those criminals are only harming the Iraqi people. The Iraqis started to turn their anger onto the terrorists.

The Associated Press reported:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - As more people lose loved ones to the relentless violence, Iraqis are becoming increasingly angry at insurgents, even staging public demonstrations condemning militants.

While it's impossible to precisely gauge public opinion, it is clear many Iraqis have grown tired of two years of insecurity, and some are directing their wrath at those behind the bombings and attacks.


Yet the insurgents'’ tactics are increasingly denounced by prominent Sunnis like Abdul-Ghafur, a cleric with the influential Sunni Association of Muslim Scholars, which is also believed to have ties to insurgents.

“This is not the right way to drive the occupation out ... killing Iraqis is not the way to liberation,” he told worshippers. “We call upon those who have power over these groups to stop massacring Iraqis.”


The only way to win peace in Iraq is for Iraqis to forget their ethnic differences and unite under one Iraqi umbrella. Until then, Iraqis will be divided in how they view those criminals. That's why the terrorists are still winning and Iraqis are still losing more lives. It's painful, but true.

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