Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy House Furniture

I'm back. It's too hard to blog after taking a break. So, I'll keep you busy with some pleasant news.

Reuters AlertNet reported (Via Christian Iraq):

BAGHDAD, 10 March (IRIN) - Omar Abdul Hassan wasn't sure what to make of it when three US military vehicles pulled up in front of his 'Happy House Furniture' factory in the Rasheed neighbourhood of the Iraqi capital a couple of weeks ago.

A man hopped out of the back of one of the trucks and started asking him questions about his business, Hassan told IRIN. Then, the man offered him a loan to help him buy a bigger factory and hire more employees.

It was all a little overwhelming, Hassan said, as he watched over 20 workers standing out on the road smoothing lacquer onto headboards and cabinets in the warm March sun. US soldiers often bring bad news with them or they are targets for bombs. The neighbourhood can be a tough one - many people there don't like the US forces, he said.

But then he started thinking about the offer - up to US $50,000 that can be paid back over 10 years.


Isn't this a good way to help the Iraqi people? Today, I read about the anti-war protests around the world. Gosh, you'd figure after two years they would turn their interest to help the Iraqi people. They argue that Iraq is miserable after the collapse of Saddam's regime, which I don't have a problem with it as people have different opinions. My suggestion for those people is to turn their negative feelings into a positive energy to help the Iraqi people rebuild their country. There's no point of crying over spilled milk.

BTW, don't get confused with the name "Christian Iraq." The blog is run by a group of ChaldoAssyrians, American independent journalists, Iraqi freelance journalists and supporters of a new Iraq. There's something for everyone to read whether you did/didn't support the war in Iraq. In my opinion, it's a great collection of best of the Iraqi news from different points of view. OK, maybe I'm a bit biased here :-)

While I was away I heard of the Italian government's decision to pull their troops out of Iraq starting September 2005. I have no hard feelings against their decision. I'm still mad at them for paying ransoms to the terrorists. That's not the way to help the Iraqi people. I believe by September the Iraqi forces will have enough recruits to replace the Italian troops.

And last, the Committee to Protect Bloggers has reported the detained Bahraini bloggers were freed without needing to post a bail. The Committee also reported Iranian blogger, Arash Sigarchi, has been released on bail after he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

And don't forget to check a new blog by a female American medic soldier who is heading to Iraq in few months.

Happy Palm Sunday everyone.

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