Thursday, March 03, 2005

Free Bahraini Bloggers Campaign

UPDATE 03/03/2005 3:20 AM
I pushed this post to the top as we ALL need to help free the three detained Bahraini bloggers. I hope you join the efforts of the blogsphere to bring attention to their arrest.

Desert Island Boy has drafted a letter addressed to Bahrain's Western allies. You can find the details here, where he listed the letter and addresses of different political offices to send them the letter.

A few Bahraini bloggers prefer contacting Amnesty International. At their wish, you can find the contact details of the organization here.

The bahraini bloggers started a blog dedicated to the three detained bloggers, where you can find collected news about their subjects.

Please, help with diplomacy as much as you can. Thank you in advance for your help.

ORIGINAL POST - 03/01/2005

Three moderators of BahrainiOnline were detained by the Bahraini government a few days ago. Check Chan'ad Bahraini and Committee to Protect Bloggers for continuous update of the situation.

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