Sunday, March 13, 2005

Arab-Americans Succeed In America

A report released last Tuesday from the U.S. Census Bureau shows Arab-Americans doing very well in America in terms of employment, income, home ownership, education and language skills.

The report states (Via Desert Island Boy):
  • Arab-American men and women earn more than their counterparts in the general population. The median salary for men in 1999, the most recent statistics available, was $41,700, compared with $37,100 for American men as a whole. For women, the average salary was $31,800, compared with $27,200 for all American women.

  • More than half of all Arab-Americans own their own homes, and more than half are married.

  • About three out of every four Arab-Americans speaks English at home, or speaks English "very well."

  • About 42 percent of Arab-Americans worked in management or professional occupations, compared with 34 percent of all Americans. Among Egyptians, the figure was even higher: 51 percent.

Two Australian bloggers, Chris and Patrick, were confused with my earlier post where I criticized the social security system in Australia. There's no doubt it's a great system. But, in my opinion and from what I've seen from living among the Arab-Australian community, the system doesn't motivate people to study, work hard and become a better contributor to the country.

In America, you're on your own from day one. You either work all your life in a restaurant or a factory, or work your a*s off to get a good education and a professional job to contribute to your country and make a better life for you and your family. Most Arab-American choose the latter.

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