Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Winner Takes All

UPDATE 02/08/2005 01:20 AM
Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, leader of Islamic Da'wa Party and member of the United Iraqi Alliance, is the person most likely to win the prime minister post.

Here are Al-Ja'fari statements regarding Iraq's future:

In the process of deciding the next prime minister we have to start from the results of the election and not neglect people's votes.
Thirty-six [voters] were lost in the election, and millions more bravely voted, so we have to give them proof that their demands will be met.
We also shouldn't have anything that conflicts with Islam. Islam is the religion of the majority, so it should be the official religion of the state.
We're a majority but we have to be careful that we don't create other problems, like political isolation or breed more terrorism.


The last statement makes me more hopeful.

ORIGINAL POST 02/06/2005
First, congratulation to the New England Patriots for winning the Super Bowl.

The Swedish band ABBA had one of my all-time favorite songs. It's titled "The Winner Takes It All." The song says:

The winner takes it all
the loser standing small
beside the victory
that's her destiny

I've been playing the song in my head all day while reading the latest results of the Iraqi elections.

So far, the results are as I expected before the elections. The United Alliance list is winning by a high margin. The rest don't seem to be doing well. So, the winner will take it all and the loser will stand small. I said it before the elections, and I'll say it again, people who decided to boycott the elections have nobody to blame except themselves.

Yesterday, the Shia leaders announced that Islam is the only source of legislation for the new Iraqi constitution. They also announced there won't be a separation between religion and the state. [Source Al-Rafidayn]

And, they criticized the enlistment of Iraqi females in the Iraqi army. So much for women's rights. Do you see why I've been singing the ABBA song?

Four members from the United Alliance list will most likely run for prime minister. The members are:

Ibrahim Al-Jaafari.
Hussein Al-Shahristani.
Adel Abd Al-Mahdi.
Ahmed Al-Chalabi.

Iyad Allawi and Jalal Talabi are planning to run for prime minister too. [Source Al-Rafidayn]

I'm cheering for Jalal Talabi. I like the guy. He always has a big smile on his face. I never liked Iyad Allawi. This election told me that many Iraqis share my opinion about him.

On Sunday, hundreds of Iraqi Christians protested in front of the Green Zone to condemn what happened to Mosul villagers. There were protests in Sweden, England, Detroit and Canada too.

What does the future holds for ordinary Iraqis? I have no idea. So, I'll keep singing:

The winner takes it all
the loser standing small

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