Friday, February 04, 2005

Iraqi Election Results

I'm sure almost everyone is waiting for the final results of the Iraqi election. I learned a lesson from watching the American elections that we shouldn't declare a winner until all votes are counted.

So far, the United Alliance list is leading in 10 Shia providences in the south and center of Iraq. 2,212,000 Iraqis voted in favor of the Sistani-backed list compared to 579,000 Iraqis who voted for Allawi's list. So, we can say the United Alliance list received 70 percent of the vote in those providences. Those votes are 35 percent of the total votes. [Source Al-Rafidain]

Those percentages will definitely change after out-of-country, Kurdistan and Baghdad votes are added. It may take a few more days for these totals.

Everything is done manually. Thousands of people are working on counting the votes. The videos I saw on TV reminded me of the re-count of ballets in Florida during election 2000.

Another development involves Jalal Talabani, the leader of Kurdistan National Union. He has decided to run for either president or prime minister.

There were talks among Iyad Allawi, Ghazi Al-Yawer, Adnan Al-Pachachi and others to form a coalition. In my opinion, that's not a bad idea. Those guys are secular. Their coalition would balance the National Assembly. Remember the winners in this election are going to write Iraq's constitution.

Last week, Iraqis showed the world great bravery. The new Iraqi government needs to reward this bravery by working hard to fix the daily problems of the Iraqi citizen. Those problems range from shortages of water, gas and electricity to the establishment of security so people can resume normal lives. That's the least those brave men and women deserve from the new government.

I'll keep updating this post when the rest of the counting results are announced.

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