Saturday, February 26, 2005

Building Bridges - Friendship Groups

This blog is known for building bridges between Iraqi and American people. Since, we're done with Iraqi elections, I'll write about building those bridges as much as I can. It's weird how you think of writing about a subject and all the sudden events direct you toward the resources.

There's an Iraqi blogger, "A Free Writer", who mostly writes in Arabic with infrequent English posts. He's been writing for three months. His posts are very intelligent and informative in both languages. Yesterday, while thinking of "building bridges," I visited his blog and here's what I read:

Why it is the US media continues to paint a picture of the situation on the ground in Iraq as one where the Iraqi people hate Americans?

Most every service member who has served in Iraq will tell you that the majority of the people are friendly and hospitable, talking on the streets, inviting foreigners into their homes or businesses and many times offering food.


He's asking for ideas on how to build Iraqi-American friendship groups. Knowing my readers, I know you and me can help him with this matter. So, please, visit his blog and drop him an e-mail or a comment with a suggestion. And please encourage him to write more often in English.

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