Thursday, January 06, 2005

Victim of a Roadside Bomb

Kymberli Hagelberg, a staff writer for Beacon Journal brought the story of Eleven-year-old Iraqi boy Majid Fadhil Sabor to my attention. She reported two days ago:

An Iraqi boy who lost both legs to a bomb blast near his home in Iraq has arrived in Akron for medical care and prosthetic legs.


Last February, Majid was walking with his 10-year-old cousin near their home in Al Kut, about 100 kilometers from the Iraq-Iran border when a roadside explosion killed the younger boy. Majid's left leg was blown off in the accident, the right was amputated by Iraqi surgeons as he recovered.


Majid was brought to Ohio for treatment with the help of Palestine Children's Relief Fund, a non-political, non-profit organization located in Kent, Ohio.

Majid had successful surgery at Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio to remove bone shards from his limbs that otherwise would make wearing prosthetic legs difficult.

Beacon Journal reported yesterday:

Eleven-year-old Majid Fadhil Sabor doesn't speak English yet, but he easily answered questions put to him by a crowd of reporters and photographers.

What does the Iraqi boy most want to do while he's in America?

"Walk," Majid whispered to his interpreter in Arabic, smiling shyly.


After reading this story, do you think Iraqis should have mercy on the terrorists who plant roadside bombs to kill and handicap Iraqi children?

Would Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General, care to represent Iraqi children, like Majid, against acts of terror? Oh no, he's busy making sure his old friend's, Saddam Hussein, rights are protected. That's more important than the babies, women and men who were discovered in the mass graves around Iraq. But, what do you expect from a person whose list of criminal clients include former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic.

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