Monday, January 31, 2005

Elections Hangover

I'm suffering from an election hangover. So, forgive me if my post doesn't make sense.

It was nice to watch TV on election day. Today, they're back to their usual, old debates. Not to mention Michael Jackson's trial started today.

It's been confirmed that the terrorists used a boy with Down's Syndrome to carry the suicide bomb on election morning in Baghdad. How pathetic are those killers? No, pathetic is not the right word. But, I can't think of another word right now.

On the bright side, I'm happy that many Sunnis voted yesterday. The best example is the many Sunni-Iraqi bloggers who voted. It was really great.

Today, the Iraqi Electoral Commission announced that an estimated 60 percent of eligible Iraqi voters participated in Sunday's elections. The commission hasn't added the expats' votes to their estimates yet. In short, as many readers said in their e-mails and comments, Iraqis made voters in countries like America very humble. That was the sweetest comment I've received from many people.

Dr Youssef from Basra wrote on The BBC Iraq election log:
Everyone was very happy about the voting and nothing serious happened overnight. Basra seemed quite calm. The curfew is still in place, only pedestrians are allowed on the streets - you can move around in your local area, but not between districts, and no cars are allowed.

So last night I didn't go out, I just called people I know in different parts of Basra to see how things went. Funnily enough, even among close friends no-one asked which party you voted for, it was almost as though it was a secret. People were almost embarrassed to talk about such a thing. Thinking about yesterday, it was something quite new to Iraqi people. I'm 45 years old and since I was a teenager we have never gone through such a democratic process.

In Basra we have been through considerable agony. What we have nowadays is a piece of cake compared to what we suffered in Iraq-Iran war. We have been through a lot so we are either courageous or crazy, I don't know which.

As a person who lived in Basra during Iran-Iraq war, I would say we Basrawis are both courageous and crazy.

UPDATE 02/01/2005 11:05 PM
The Sydney Morning Herald has more details about the Down's Syndrome suicide bomber.

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