Sunday, January 02, 2005

Election Radio Program

This may be an old news for some of you:

A special radio programme to cover the Iraq elections produced by Iraqis and for Iraqis is being launched.

The half-hour program's called Election Radio will be available on a variety of independent, local Iraqi radio stations throughout the election period.

The project is being funded by the German government and the editorial team is based in Berlin.

Only reporters under 30 were selected. The man running the project, Klaas Glenewinkel, explained why.

"We have been working with people over 30," he said, "and we found that if they are in the media, they somehow how have a problem to find their place in society, because they have been dealing so much with how to survive in a regime, and that they are not necessarily good journalists."

I give credit to the German government for helping Iraqis to understand the upcoming elections. As long as governments are willing to help the Iraqi people, I have no problem with their opinion regarding the war. Iraqi people need everyone's help. I know Germany has invested money and efforts to rehabilitate Afghani schools. Now, It's helping sweeten the country. That's one more reason to give them extra credit.

Every Iraqi household has at least one radio. Battery radios are a "must have" appliance in Iraq. Basrawis depended on radios during Iran-Iraq war. We would listen to the Iranian Arabic radio broadcast to check the time of the next city bombing. I don't think the Iranians really cared for our lives. I believe it was part of the psychological war against Iraqi civilians.

In my opinion, using a radio program to broadcast election-related information is a very good idea.

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