Wednesday, January 26, 2005

280,303 Iraqi Expats Will Vote

First, thank you Cyndi for the nice mail surprise. For a moment, I felt jealous thinking our neighbour had a UPS delivery till the UPS guy knocked on our door. We read a lot in my neighborhood. I think the FedEx and UPS guys know us by name.

280,303 Iraqi expats registered to vote in the upcoming Iraqi elections. Voters are not forced to vote. They registered to vote because they believe in the process and want to make a difference.

Last week, there was a lot of talk in the media about how few Iraqi expats have registered to vote. I think the number above contradicts their reports. Remember, there are less than 30 voting centers around the world. Iraq Out-of-Country Voting Program organizers were given only 67 days to organize everything.

My parents and other family members have registered to vote in Detroit. My mom said the community arranged for buses to take people to the voting center. Bus trips were arranged in Dallas to take voters to Nashville and in Phoenix to take voters to Los Angeles.

As for my predictions. The United Iraqi Alliance list and other Shia parties will win BIG. We'll have a Shia dominated National Assembly and government. I really don't have a problem with that as long as this government wouldn't try to impose an Iranian-style government on the Iraqi people. For Iraq to end up with that kind of government wouldn't be fair for all the Iraqi people or the American and allied soldiers who died in Iraq.

Yes, I'm not very optimistic with four days left until the election. I think I'm tired of following the Australian, American and the Iraqi elections during the last six months.

I believe the daily weather change in Dallas is effecting my mood. One day is cold. Another day is warm where you need to turn on the air-conditioner to get restful sleep. Yes, we sometimes need air-conditioning in January while other parts of the country are freezing. I really want to live in Florida. They say its weather is really nice all year around -- except for hurricane season.

And last, watch this election-related video by Salam Pax. I really miss his humorous blogging. I hope he blogs again.

UPDATE 01/27/2004:
Check Alan Kennedy's latest post for more Salam-related links.

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