Thursday, December 23, 2004

Who's Who In The Iraqi Elections

Here are the names of a few candidates who are running for The Iraqi National Assembly:
  • United Iraqi Coalition:

    - Abd Al-Aziz Al-Hakim / Supreme Court of Islamic Revolution in Iraq.
    - Abrahim Al-Ja'fari / Islamic Da'wa party / Vice president of Iraq.
    - Ahmed Al-Chalabi / Iraqi National Conference Party.
    - Hussein Al-Shahristani / Nuclear Scientist.

  • Iraqi List:

    - Ayad Allawi / Iraqi National Accord Movement / Prime Minister
    - Falah Al-Naqeeb / Minister of Interior
    - Tahir Al-Buka' / Minister of Education
    - Qasim Dawood / Minister of National Security
    - Aqeel Al-Saffar / Deputy Minister of National Security

    Slogan : Strong Leadership and Safe Country

  • Iraqi Democrats Assembly:

    - Adnan Al-Pachachi / Former Foreign Minister.
    - Mahdi Al-Hafith / Minister of Planning and National Development.
    - Ayhem Al-Samira'ee / Minister of Electricity.
    - Mishkat Al-Mu'min / Minister of Environment.
    - Layla Abd Al-Latif / Minister of Work and Social Affairs.

    Slogan: United Democratic Iraq

  • Iraqi Communist Party
    - Hameed Majeed Mosa / Secretary General

  • Iraqis Assembly:

    - Ghazi Al-Yawer / President of Iraq
    - Hazim Al-Sha'lan / Minister of defense.
    - Hajim Al-Hasani / Minister of Industry and minerals.

Searching for candidates' names is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I guess most running parties are keeping a low profile for security reasons.

UPDATE 12/27/2004
tcfactory has a good list of who's who in the Iraqi elections.

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