Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Two Churches Attacked In Mosul

In the last two months, we witnessed escalated attacks and threats against the Christian minority in Mosul. Yesterday, the terrorists went further and attacked two churches in Mosul. The Scotsman Reports:

Iraqi Militants bombed two churches in Mosul today, injuring three people in a coordinated attack apparently aimed at stirring trouble between religious groups in this ethnically diverse northern city.

Police officials and church leaders said gunmen stormed into the churches and ordered people out of the buildings before detonating explosives in both.

Deputy provincial governor Khasro Gouran said three people were wounded in the first church attack, which occurred at 2:30 p.m. (1130GMT) in eastern Mosul's Wihda neighbourhood. Police officials had no details on casualties. The religious denomination of the church was not immediately clear, but it was believed to be Armenian.

An hour later, gunmen stormed the Chaldean Christian church in western Mosul's Shefa neighbourhood, forcing a handful of people out before rigging it with explosives and detonating them, according to Father Ragheed Aziz. No casualties were reported.

Area residents said several carloads of gunmen surrounded the Chaldean church before 20 militants stormed the church compound.

The Chaldean church was also the residence of Mosul's Bishop. It was called a palace for its beauty.

Emmanuel Delly, Patriarch of the Catholic Chaldean Church, said in an interview with AsiaNews:

Terrorists have destroyed the most beautiful symbol of the Chaldean Church in the whole of Iraq. Christians are increasingly worried that they will be targets of such acts of violence.

I'd like to see the American religious organizations reach out and help rebuild these destroyed churches. So far, the only help I know about is coming from St. Katharine Drexel Catholic church and two Muslim organizations in South Florida. Thank you to the three organizations for their help to rebuild the destroyed churches in Iraq.

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