Thursday, December 16, 2004

Thomas Friedman Doing The E.U.

You know what kills me most these days? It's watching most of the world waiting on Iraqis to fail in every step they take. Except for a few countries, the rest of the world is watching Iraqis running in circles and laughing at them.

I keep wondering what the Iraqis did wrong? Even if you hate America, show some sympathy and help the Iraqi people. I really can't understand the resentment showed by people of many countries.

A few days ago I read a column written by Thomas L. Friedman. Remember Thomas L. Friedman is considered a lefty by American standards. But, he says it the best in this column:

On the flight over to the Persian Gulf, I was reading an article in The Financial Times about NATO fighting with itself over whether to send a few dozen more trainers to Baghdad to help the Iraqi Army. I couldn't help but wonder to myself: Let's see, there are now 26 countries in NATO. If each NATO country contributed just 100 soldiers, roughly speaking, we could have five NATO soldiers guarding every polling station in Iraq for the January election. That would be a huge help. After all, what does NATO stand for today if not for helping to protect a free and fair election in Iraq?

Is it so much to ask that each NATO country contribute 100 soldiers for a long weekend to advance the prospect of Iraqi elections? Heck, I'll throw in the airfare myself. I have so many frequent-flier miles, I could even fly over a few hundred soldiers from European Union countries that aren't in NATO.

Wait a minute, did I say European Union? Do you know how many trees have been cut down to publish studies about the European Defense Initiative -- the EU's quest to build a military force independent of NATO and America? Whole forests have been devoted to studies of EDI. So I was thinking: What does EDI stand for today, if not for sending 500 EU soldiers to Iraq for a long weekend so that Iraqis might begin to create the first real, bottom-up democracy in the Arab League?

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Today, I wanted to vent my disappointment with many countries. I've got more details about the Iraqi elections. I'll talk about them in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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