Saturday, December 11, 2004

Peace Bird Art School

Few days ago I read the following in a report:

Eighteen children who were injured and held hostage during the Beslan siege two months ago are in the middle of a three week visit to Israel to heal wounds - both physical and psychological.

At the time, I couldn't help but think of thousands of Iraqi children who are not lucky enough to have this kind of treatment. Then I read about an Australian lady who opened a children's center in Al-Doura neighborhood in Baghdad. It's named "Peace Bird Art School." It's a place where children can forget about war, bombing and other traumas. She describes the school in her letter:

This is a place where children can come to learn the arts and express their creativity. The aim is that they can begin to heal from trauma through their play.

They train in music, ceramics, art, computers and theatre. Pursuits they do not have access to at home or school.

The letter has details on how people can donate to this project.

And, a British solider stationed in Basra is requesting present donations for the Iraqi children. So, if you're British and reading this post, I would appreciate your help. Below is the story:

A Taunton soldier who is spending Christmas thousands of miles from home is appealing to Somerset County Gazette readers to help cheer up children in trouble-torn Iraq.

Sgt. Matt Baker, 38, a former pupil at St George's Roman Catholic Primary and Wellington Schools, is on a seven-month tour of duty with the 4th Armoured Brigade (Desert Rats) at Basra air station.

He and his colleagues are keen to light up the lives of Iraqi children and have appealed for presents to hand on to them.

He said: "We're asking for toys, football strips, non-perishable items - anything to bring a smile to their faces because they're having a pretty tough time."

Anyone wishing to send presents to Iraqi children can send parcels free of charge

c/o Sgt Baker,
HQ 4 Armoured Brigade,
BAS Op Telic 5, BFPO 641.

If neither of the above apeal to you, check here for a list of other ways to help the Iraqi people.

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