Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More Questions and Less Answers

Firas posted yesterday. His post adds to the discussion on my previous post. Firas talks about the attack on a police station in Baghdad that took place two weeks ago:

about twenty armed men came to the area on the hour of dawn praying and started to through the men out of the mosque who were there for the pray, and after that started to attack the police station by AKs and RPGs and the policemen did all what they could do to defend their place until they were all killed and the prisoners were set free”, here is some none answered questions for you:
  1. Why didn’t any one help the policemen?

  2. Why didn’t the policemen get any backup?

  3. Why didn’t any neighbor call for help on the phone numbers written on the signs all over the streets?

  4. Why didn’t the mosque keeper call for help by the loud speakers as he calls for the pray time?

  5. Why couldn’t the policemen win the battle?

  6. Why didn’t we get any answers for these questions?

  7. Will it happen again?

These are what I call "The million dollar questions." These are the same questions I had in my mind when I saw the picture of election workers being murdered in the middle of the road.

Iraqis are still living in state of shock, fear, distrust of the government and other traumas inherited from years of oppression under Saddam's rule. But, what's the solution? How could Iraqis heal themselves and reconcile with each other? I have no idea.

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