Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

Here we are again reaching the end of another year. The year 2004 was full of news. The news motivated bloggers to keep blogging. Hey, what's better than writing our great non-biased opinions on these online journals. Just joking.

I started blogging two months before the start of year 2004. I would've never started this blog if my husband didn't create the blog and said, "You need to write about Iraq." He had one condition at the time. He wanted me to use my real name and publish my real biography. He wanted me to establish a trust between me and the readers. It paid well with time.

Sir Winston Churchill once said:

For myself I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else.

As him, I chose to be an optimist in my life and my blog. So, for the people who wish to see me otherwise, I say, "Bad luck, It won't happen anytime soon."

Now for my blogging-related resolutions for 2005. I decided to stop reading anonymous bloggers -- whether they are Iraqis or non-Iraqis. I'll only read blogs whose authors have the guts to put their real name and biography on their blogs. Everyone wants to protect their identity on the web. But, not everyone wants to take responsibility for their words. I make one small exception for young Iraqi bloggers.

Since I use my real identity, I prefer to read blogs from people who use their real identity too. This will also apply to people who e-mail me. I'll more likely not answer unidentified e-mails with weird return e-mail addresses. Any rude or hate e-mails will be published on this blog with the sender's e-mail address and computer IP. As Virginia Woolf once said:

If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people

Happy New Year everyone and don't forget to check Tabby's latest photos.

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