Sunday, November 07, 2004

Iraqi-American Voters

Alaa, The Mesopotamian, wondered how much influence the Iraqi-American voters had on the American elections. I can answer his question as both myself and my family live in America.

The Iraqi-American voters were divided between the two candidates. It didn't come as a surprise to me. It's actually normal if you live in America. In the same family, people may vote for two different candidates. This holds true in almost every American family regardless of background. It's what we call "democracy." The rest of the world would give it other names.

But, that doesn't mean Iraqi-Americans, who voted Democrat or Republican in 2000, did the same this year. Yesterday, I asked my sister, who voted for Gore in 2000, how she voted this year. She said she voted for Bush. I asked her why not Kerry? Her answer was, "Kerry kept talking about having a plan to fix Iraq. He never told us what his plan was. At least Bush is clear in his views, and we know where he stands."

I'll bet most of the swing voters, who voted for Bush, will give the same answer. Iraqi-Americans, like the rest of Americans, wanted to hear a clear message from Kerry. Something we didn't hear during the whole campaign.

Personally, I still support Winnie The Pooh. He's the best candidate for the presidency.

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