Friday, October 15, 2004

Story of a Released Hostage

We always follow the news of hostages, especially if they were of a nationality of our interest until they get released or executed. We don't hear much about their stories if released, except for the two Simonas who obviously were treated well by what they called "the Iraqi resistance."

Today, I read the story of a Lebanese hostage in Iraq, who was released two months ago. He gave the kidnappers the correct label when he said in an interview with reporter Nicholas Blanford. WARNING: The report include graphic details.:
There is no resistance. They are all criminals and thieves.

Mohammed Raad, the son of a Lebanese father and an Iraqi mother, decided to travel to Iraq to work as a truck driver and to get engaged to his cousin who lives in Iraq. Things went bad the moment he crossed the Iraqi-Syrian border. He was abducted from his hotel room in Al-Ramadi by followers of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. While being held as a hostage, he was forced to witness the beheading of an Egyptian, whose name was Mohammed Mutwalli, which he gave the details during his interview.

I found the following part of the interview very interesting:

"They [The captors] threw hand grenades into the water to kill the fish," he said. "But the Americans would hear the explosions and arrive in their helicopters to shoot up the river bank."

When American and Iraqi troops raided the neighborhood, the militants and Raad hid in trees near the river.

"They were in contact with the Iraqi police by walkie-talkie. The police told them when the Americans had gone and they could come out of hiding."

Corrupted Iraqi police. Yes, we have to admit some of the Iraqi cops are corrupted. Read more about this subject on Iraq at Glance.

So, what are we fighting in Iraq? Criminals, thieves and drug addicts.

Arabic Word of The Post:

Lebanese - masculine : لبناني - / lib-NAni /
Lebanese - feminine : لبنانية - / lib-NA-nia /

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