Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nice Opinion Your Excellency The Minister

I translated another column written by Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashid, the manager of Al-Arabiya TV station. The column was published in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper two weeks ago. I was supposed to post it last week. But, I had to push the article back for more urgent posts.

Nice Opinion Your Excellency The Minister
By Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashid

The French Foreign Minister threw a stone in Iraq’s disturbed water. Michel Barnier called to include the Iraqi resistance forces in the suggested international conference to discuss the situation of land of Mesopotamia. Nice opinion as there is no benefit from a conference dedicated only to speeches or the government side as the problem is not with the Iraqi government but with the people who are fighting against it.

And this clever suggestion misses an addition that tells us who this resistance is. The resistance could be invited to the conference location in Cairo, as requested by the American government, or New York, as suggested by the French government. If we excluded Muqtada Al-Sadr’s movement, which is known by name, the rest are anonymous. How could a resistance of ghosts be invited to attend? Are they going to arrive to the conference room as they appear on television with their kidnapped or decapitated victims? And, if we assumed the French Foreign Ministry found the leaders of the secret resistance, how would they classify them? I mean if Al-Zarqawi agreed to attend the conference accompanied by major leaders of the movement, would the French Foreign Ministry consider them Iraqi resistance considering that Abu Musaab Al-Zarqawi is Jordanian. His deputy until last week was Jordanian too. His assistants are an Egyptian, Algerian and the other is from the Arab Gulf.

We talk with assumption because we know the resistance with the suicidal cars and decapitated victims isn’t Iraqi. Also, it doesn’t recognize the United Nations except as an organization for infidel states. Its project will not stop until it removes the last head in the world and not only in Iraq. Therefore, the problem is not in admitting the existence of a fierce resistance power on land, but to find it and persuade it to attend. Yes, there are phantoms of Iraqi voices, which differ with the new regime and most of them has the right of speech and objection. They would be hunted down if they carry weapons. If France thinks the international conference will be a chance to narrow the disagreement gap among the different Iraqi groups, then its opinion is right on the condition of receiving a complete blessing from the international community with the world commitment to support Iraq according to the conference recommendations.

But, I suppose nobody wants to send their soldiers or pay money to fulfill the conference recommendations. Then there is no value for a conference without work tools or truthful international determination. I think the conference will split into a cosmetic advertising arena between two teams. One team will promote the legitimacy of the existing regime and other team will try to win the resistance to its side to avoid its evil.

If Iraq needs a conference, it would be to confirm the safety of a legitimate regime that unites and does not divide, whatever our opinion of the one who will stand as its head in the future. The existence of a strong central regime guarantees the safety of a population of 25-million. It also guarantees safety to a neighboring area with a population of 100-million people under threat. Without a free and fair Iraqi regime that unites the Iraqi citizens, the whole world, not only Iraq, will lose.

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