Sunday, October 17, 2004

Life Does Not Stop

Today, I'm back to my positive self. I'm learning from the people living inside Iraq. They're the real heroes.

One day after the church bombing, the Iraqi Christians defied all odds. They spent Saturday night removing debris from their ruined churches. Today, there was a celebration of life. The photo shows Savio getting baptized at St. George Church that was bombed yesterday. Savio's dad said to Scott Peterson, staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor:

"I am very happy today. This fire and this bombing is death. But this baptism is new life for this church, for Christians, Muslims, and everyone in Iraq."

Fr. Yousif was interviewed by the reporter. Here's his encouraging words:

"People are frightened. We are an easy target," said The Rev. Yousif Thomas Mirkis, a priest and theology professor. "I compare our community to pigeons. You do that" - he claps - "and they all fly."

Fr. Thomas says he tells those seeking advice to stay in Iraq, since, by his count, the community accounts for 20 percent of Iraq's doctors, and an even larger slice of professions like engineers and professors.

"We don't want our people to leave," he said. "All Iraqis are my brothers, killers and victims. If I leave, it will not solve the problem. What about the Muslims? They are not our enemies."

Whoever did this needs to know that Iraqis of all sectors will continue to live. This is an Iraqi war against the "death eaters." We either win or die.

Arabic Word of The Post:
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