Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kidnapping of CARE Charity Worker

The terrorists surprise us every day with how low they can go. Today, they kidnapped Margaret Hassan, a British-Iraqi citizen, who lived in Iraq for 30 years. She's the head of CARE International in Iraq. This charity organization has been helping the Iraqi people since the start of the U.N. sanctions in 1990. Today, the terrorists rewarded Iraq by abducting this lady, who served the Iraqi people more than many of us will ever do.

So far, those gangs released all abducted women in Iraq. Let's pray for the safety of Margaret.

I leave you with an analysis of the Iraqi insurgent groups written by Judith S. Yaphe. I hope I gave you enough reading for today :-)

Arabic Word of The Post:
care: رعاية - / ree-'Aya /

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