Friday, October 08, 2004

Keeping Up The High Spirit

I sent the following e-mail to Fr. Yousif asking him about the current situation in Iraq:

I hope all is going well on your end ... I have a special request, and I hope you could help. The news from Iraq hasn't been good lately. Especially after the killing of children last week. Here, we get conflicted messages of where the Iraqi situation is going. I trust your judgment, and I wish you could tell us how bad/good things are going in Iraq. Do you see a good or bad future during the next few months? It's really important because everyone here is losing their faith about the situation. I would appreciate your opinion.

Here's his reply:

It is sometimes very difficult to answer to the question immediately. Our faith has an answer, but it can't be explained by words.

I know many people are losing their faith now. But it is exactly the time to show it and to take energy from it. History of the believers is full of those who can see when it is dark to everybody else.

We are praying to the victims, and for the killers too. How can they change our situation with such violence?

Our project is going on, we are trying to have the permissions necessary for the university. A NGO is helping with the construction of part of the project. We are preparing to form an academic team next week.

Some Christians are leaving the country. Others are going to the North. But we still want to help in our way: the culture and human sciences. It is perhaps crazy.

Thank you for trusting us.

Fr. Yousif Thomas

You may be wondering why he said, "we are praying to the victims, and for the killers too." The answer to your question is that Middle Eastern Chirstians follow this teaching of Jesus:

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

I wish we could have more people like Fr. Yousif in Iraq. People who choose to live and are working to see other people living to their best.

And last, here's the comments section poll results:
69% voted Yes.
31% voted No.

Sorry, not enough votes to turn it on. But, here's the new animated video from JibJab, GOOD TO BE IN DC!. Have fun.

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