Saturday, October 09, 2004

John Howard, You Won Again

As you know I'm an Iraqi-Australian. So, I woke up this morning and checked the news to see who won the Australian Election. I wanted to explain how Australian elections work. Then, I found a post by a fellow Australian blogger who put it much better than I would've done. I share his opinion about Australian elections. You'll understand why after you read his post. Michael Ross wrote before casting his vote ysterday:

Voting is a waste of time. I've written on it before - how not one single person I have ever voted for has won their seat. And today - Saturday, October 9, 2004 - sees me being forced to vote again.

What a sad state of affairs it is that a person is FORCED to vote under threat of a fine. When it boils down to it, that is voting at gun point.

How so? you ask.

Simple. If I do not vote I will be sent a fine to pay. If I do not pay that fine I will receive a notice to come to a nice little court gathering. If I fail to show up at court a warrant will be issued. If someone comes to serve that warrant and I tell them to go fly a kite, then I will see the guns.

The guns are always there.

It's just that they are not visible on the surface.

Anyway. Today, I am not going to vote for anyone on my ballot. I am going to cast a vote for people not on my ballot. My vote will be considered a donkey vote. An "informal" vote. Not to be counted. Just because I choose to vote for people not on the designated ballot form.

Once, I had to pay a fine for not voting in a local council election. I didn't know there was an election because nobody campaigned in my area. Why would they when everyone has to vote or else. Since then, I really didn't care who won or lost. When election day arrived, I would go cast my ballot and then enjoy the day with my friends.

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