Monday, October 25, 2004

An Iraqi's Thought

I learned something lately. Anytime there is bad news from Iraq, I read a few Iraqi blogs and try to go eat at the Mediterranean Cafe & Bakery in Richardson, Texas. Good food is a healing remedy for most Iraqis.

Sami wrote a great post. It's titled "Venting." It's a MUST READ post. At least for people like me, who love Iraq and wish it a great future. His venting started with:

For those who still defend the ‘resistance/terrorists’ in Iraq.

I feel great shame whenever I hear of Iraqis or non-Iraqis who defend the terrorists destroying my country. I do not know how kidnapping, beheading, suicide bombings and mass executions of the security apparatus can be seen as resistance. Please spare me the conspiracy theories that US is doing all these attacks to prolong their stay in Iraq. I think if any person was sane they would not actually believe that the US would play a hand in operations that make them look as if they have no security over the country. The game is over, we realise that the loose coalition of Iraqis enemies have one goal in common, to make sure Iraqis suffer so much that they long for the return of the days of dictatorship were security was only achieved by force. Thankfully the numbers of Iraqis supporting these acts are few and far between and from my time spent in 3 different continents I do not bump into too many of these types, but also they have a habit of being two faced. You can almost tell whose who in the Iraqi community when they say the phrase, ‘ yeah Saddam was bad but the US is worse’ That alone makes me realise that its not the Iraqi people they ( perople who defend the terrorits) care about but some over expired feeling of nationalism and pride that failed with the Saddam experiment.


Keep up the faith everyone.

Iraqi Word of The Post:
food: أكل - / akill /

Arabic Word of The Post:
food: طعام - / Ta-aam /

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