Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

First, Happy Halloween everyone.

Second, sorry for not writing last week. Last week was full of surprises in my household. If you are from Dallas or in the journalism industry, you probably heard of last week's layoffs at Belo Corp. As a result, The Dallas Morning news had to reduce its workforce by 10 per cent. My husband was one of 250 (150 employees at the newspaper) who got laid off. So much for our Halloween plans for this year :-(

Third, we're in a moving mood. With no signs of improvement in Dallas IT programming job market -- I don't expect it to improve anytime soon -- we decided our best choice is to look for jobs in other states. Hopefully, our next home will be somewhere in Florida, California or Louisiana. These are the states with good weather, beaches and big newspapers. I also heard their IT job markets are recovering bit better than Texas. We'll consider other states if jobs are available. So, I may get to find a job in my profession again :-)

Forth, I still must continue my fall semester with all these sudden changes. Isn't that fun?

Fifth, for the undecided voters out there, would you please make up your mind? If you can't decide between Kerry or Bush, then vote for Dave Barry. He'll make the most humorous presidency in the American history.

Six, I'll keep blogging. Don't worry about this part.

Seventh, I'll leave today with a good laugh.

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